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Diamond Appiah’s impulsive Assault On Ciara Receives Condemnation From Obofour’s son.

After Diamond Appiah attacked Rev. Obofour and his wife Ciara, Bofowaa, Obofour’s son, Andy, tore Diamond Appiah to pieces.

Since she always appears like an unidentified person when she tries to “glam up,” Andy claims that Diamond has no reason to harm anyone.

For daring to challenge his godfather, he doled out nasty insults to Diamond.

In a prior tirade that went viral, Diamond Appiah attacked Obofour, focusing in particular on his wife, Bofowaa.

Diamond claimed, as we previously reported, that Bofowaa is presently experiencing financial difficulty in the United States and must take a job as a live-in nanny in order to make funds meet.

Obofour was made fun of by Diamond for professing to be wealthy while observing his wife work abroad. The answer she was hoping for has finally appeared.

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SOURCE: Ghpage