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Bagging A Certificate to Work In USA- Afia Schwarzenegger

Ghanaian actress and comedian Afia Schwarzenegger is getting ready to accept a live-in position in the US.

Afia Schwarzenegger is reportedly attending classes to earn a degree that will allow her to start working as a live-in.

That indicates that Schwar did not travel to the United States for a brief vacation but intended to remain there for a considerable amount of time in order to work hard and earn money to support her family.

Instead, the news was received by trolls who attacked Afia Schwarzenegger for choosing to work as a live-in foreigner.

There are allegations that Afia insulted Ayisha Modi in the past regarding the same position. She mentioned it was inexpensive and degrading, but because of financial strain, she is still working there.

Additionally, some on-line users make fun of Afia Schwarzenegger for constantly boasting about how wealthy she is despite the fact that this is untrue.

According to the data gathered, Afia might make between $200 and $250 every day.

Recall; Afia Schwarzenneger’s admission that she was married may have put a stop to the circulating rumors about her alleged marriage, which turned out to be a lie.

“I’m not married, and I’ve indicated at least 70 times that I’m not interested in getting married. My career has been successful, and my kids are well-behaved.

It’s sufficient if I don’t have a husband. She claimed that not everyone was destined for marriage.

Afia Schwarzenneger’s fictitious marriage was the topic of much social media conversation last week after a video of her portraying a bride wearing a Kente gown, lovely accessories, and exquisite makeup and hair became popular.

A woman can be heard shouting “Ayeforo ooo” in the video, implying that Afia is a newlywed.

But as it turned out, the film was actually a photo session for her forthcoming birthday, which was on Tuesday, February 14, as well as the occasion of her tenth anniversary as an Ambassador for Orphans.

She explained, “I did a photoshoot, it’s my tenth milestone as an advocate for orphans, and my kids were applauding me on it.