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A Three-Week-Old Baby Is Beheaded By Bright His Father For Sacred Reasons.

Bright, a Ghanaian resident of Fete Kakraba in the Central Region, has been detained for ritually beheading his three-week-old kid.

Bright, a corn mill operator, allegedly conspired with one of his pals to kidnap the baby from her baby mom to exploit the youngster for ritualistic money-making.

Bright and his companions sent the three-week-old to a nearby jungle where he would beheaded and his remains buried after they tried to kidnap the infant from his mother.

It’s also been said that Bright mainly hangs around with the Sakawa boys, therefore it’s possible that they encouraged him to perform the horrible crime to follow in their footsteps and become wealthy.

Right now, the police have both Bright and the acquaintance who helped him carry out the horrible crime.

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