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Funny Face’s Baby Mama says; “I Got A Borga That Pays Out.”

After the comedian’s recent admission, Vanessa Nicole, the baby mama of Funny Face, has spoken out. Vanessa has discussed her thoughts on living absent of her baby papa Funny Face along with how she cares for her children. The mother of four revealed that she works tirelessly to care for her children.

She manages various enterprises in addition to acting to provide for her family. Her borga lover, who also supports her, was also revealed. She claims that she has no issues with Funny Face. Although she thinks they’re cool, she is mostly concerned about her children and how to care for them.

This follows the recent disclosure by Funny Face. The comedian has admitted that he can’t support his family on his own since he is broke.

Funny Face claims that even though he is having difficulty recovering, some of his coworkers are undermining him and haven’t offered him any assistance. He further disclosed that there are some he wronged, individuals who could have been there for him in these trying times, but have still not pardoned him.

Since then, supporters have expressed concern for Funny Face, particularly for his kids, but his baby mom has assured everyone that she is providing for them well.

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